Law and Criminology BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to BA Law and Criminology 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you to your studies here at the University of Northampton. We hope that you can join us for our pre-induction webinars, the details of which are provided below.

During your first year, you will become familiar with the legal system and develop key skills to encourage criticality and reflection. You will be introduced to the nature of Law, how it is made and applied, the courts and legal professionals involved in those processes. You will also study the Criminal Law and the Law of Contract in depth.

In your Criminology modules, you will explore the relationship between crime and society, and the scientific evidence used in relation to questions of crime. You will consider a combination of perspectives from positivist, biological, anthropological all the way to forensics, to understand the roots and motivation of criminal behaviour. Additionally, Criminology asks us to imagine what society ought to be like, could or should we defund the police or abolish prisons?

You will have the opportunity to join the University of Northampton Student Law Society, who will support you in your career aspirations and to develop those all-important employability skills. We have an experienced team of tutors who are looking forward to meeting you and will support you throughout your time at the University.

If you would like to know what the Law Team is up to, then please do follow us on Twitter @LawNorthampton. You can also follow the University of Northampton Student Law Society social media pages to find out about the events that they have planned for the forthcoming academic year.

We hope you find the information below useful and look forward to meeting you in September!

Your Programme Leaders


Zhara Malik-Dajee

Zhara Malik-Dahjee

Senior Lecturer in Law


Paula Bowles

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Welcome and Induction Sessions

We will be holding various online sessions to welcome you to your BA Law and Criminology course before you arrive, where you will receive all the information you need to know. More information of the webinars are provided in the accordions below:

What you can do to prepare

You may be excited and eager to make a start and delve into your study of the Law. If you are not sure where to begin, please do have a look at our ‘Preparing for you studies’ Padlet, which includes some useful suggestions to help you get started.

To start thinking criminologically, keep an eye on the news, whether written, visual or oral. Consider what is the biggest crime problem in your locality, the country and globally. How would you begin to tackle these problems?

Enhancing skills, building networks and engaging in the wider University community

The Criminology Team has a wide range of social media accounts which we would encourage you to follow:

The Criminology Team have a regularly updated blog that both staff and students contribute to. During your degree we would encourage you to add your own thoughts on criminology, or your wider academic experience, to our student blogs.

During your Law and Criminology learning at UON, you will be registered as a student member of the British Society of Criminology (BSC). You will have the unique opportunity to discuss and engage with wider criminological converse and be invited to conferences and events.

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