Computing MSc (all pathways) Welcome Pack

Welcome to Computing MSc 2022.

It is my distinct pleasure to warmly welcome you to your programme on behalf of the programme team. Each year, the arriving classes of new students bring with them such an exhilarating sense of promise and possibility. We have a diverse staff team from different cultures who are approachable and super supportive.

Our commitment to transforming lives and inspiring change is at the heart of all that we do. We want to ensure that your experience studying with us enables you to transform your life and those of others too, no matter how great or small this may be. We are committed to all aspects of excellence, equality and diversity and will continue to seek to deliver quality, impactful research that informs teaching.

The course you’ve selected offers the qualification that is industry relevant and attractive to potential employers. The fundamental aim is to provide you with the employability skills that are needed to obtain a career within this fast-growing industry.

I am confident that with the required commitment and work ethic, you will enjoy and benefit from the material presented throughout your course at the University.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your Programme Leaders

MSc Computing (including placement)
MSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Suraj Ajit, Senior Lecturer in Computing

Dr Suraj Ajit

Interim Subject Leader (Technology – Computing, Games and Engineering)


MSc Computing (Internet Technology and Security)

Amir Minai

Senior Lecturer – Computing


MSc Computing (Computer Networks Engineering)

Triantafyllos Kanakis, Programme leader for Computer Networks Engineering
Triantafyllos Kanakis (Aldo)

Senior Lecturer – Computing 





Welcome and Induction Session

To welcome you to MSc Computing, please attend our online Induction session:

  • This will be an online session (via Collaborate) that gives new students an opportunity to ask general questions about their course and study here at UON, as well as meet fellow students.

Our Campus