Computer Networks Engineering BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to Computer Networks Engineering BSc 2022.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Northampton, and your new course in Computer Networks Engineering. My name is Dr Triantafyllos Kanakis and I overlook your programme while I am happy to meet you all and discuss your expectations, future professional development, or any concerns you may have with your studies. I am confident that the team will deliver a high-quality, challenging yet very interesting course ensuring you will build the foundation necessary to have a successful career in modern telecommunications.

I will be looking forward to meeting you all (virtually for now) in the online sessions held in September and then again in the class in October. Do enjoy your summer and stay assured that the best is yet to come. See you all very soon.

Your Programme Leader

Triantafyllos Kanakis, Programme leader for Computer Networks Engineering

Dr Triantafyllos Kanakis

Programme Leader – Senior Lecturer


Welcome and Induction Sessions

We would like to invite you to join members of your subject and programme team on Computer Networks Engineering, and other students joining you at the University of Northampton this year for an online welcome and induction experience at the start of term. The details of your programme specific experience are as follows:

Our Campus