UON launches collaborative Northampton Sustainability Accord following inaugural Sustainability Summit

Date 26.05.2023

After the first ever University of Northampton Sustainability Summit held last week, a practical roadmap has now been launched to address shared industry challenges.

The sustainable future of our county was on the minds and in the hearts of attendees at the University of Northampton’s Sustainability Summit, with the launch of a practical roadmap now in full swing.

At the first ever University of Northampton Sustainability Summit held last week (May 15-16), more than 150 delegates from over 40 different businesses, charities, HEI’s and local government authorities gathered to identify their shared sustainability challenges and establish an action plan to address these through collaborative research, enterprise and knowledge exchange.

Titled the ‘Northampton Sustainability Accord’, stakeholders who attended the Summit have committed to being part of the solution to improving sustainability across the county, and to monitor their progress in pursuing shared sustainability goals.

In an effort to facilitate positive progress through the Accord, the University of Northampton has committed to establishing the Sustainability Local Innovation & Partnership Agenda Hub – also known as ‘SLIPAH.’

This hub will coordinate research collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the organisation of joint workshops and training sessions in pursuit of the shared sustainability goals set out in Accord prior to the next Sustainability Summit in 2024.

Associate Professor in International Sustainable Development Law and Chair of the of the planning committee for the UON Sustainability Summit, Dr Ebenezer Laryea said: “Organising and holding Northamptonshire’s first ever Sustainability Summit marks a historic moment for the University.

“The success of the UON Sustainability Summit demonstrates what can be achieved when the stakeholder community adopts a collaborative approach to problem-solving. The sustainability challenges we face are ones which affect us all, and addressing them will require a joint and collective effort from everyone..

“As a prominent research and higher education institution, the University of Northampton takes immense pride in assuming the responsibility of mobilizing the stakeholder community towards common objectives and collective action in addressing shared sustainability challenges.”

Professor of Systems Thinking, Amin Hosseinian-Far adds: “Our decisions and actions today shape the future of business and society. The UON Sustainability Summit was a significant step towards more sustainable organisational practices, and the strive for a greener future. We would like to thank our sponsors and all delegates for joining us at this successful inaugural Summit.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to create the urgently required positive change.”

Find out more about the University of Northampton’s Sustainability Summit or follow the Twitter hashtag – #UONSS23.