University Professor voted number 30 in Resource Magazine’s Hot 100 most influential people in wastes management

Date 16.11.2015

Margaret Bates, Professor of Sustainable Wastes Management in the School of Science and Technology, has once again been voted in Resource Magazine’s annual Hot 100 of the most influential people in the industry.

Thousands of industry professionals voted in the poll, and the Hot 100 list was announced during the Kit Strange Memorial Lecture, held at the House of Commons on 15 January. The inaugural lecture was organised in partnership with the University of Northampton, and members of the waste and resources industry, as well as academics, environmentalists and local government officials gathered to remember Kit Strange’s work as a leading environmental consultant.

Margaret featured in the Hot 100 at number 30, higher than she has placed in previous years (in 2012 Margaret was number 38, and number 77 in 2011). The voters lauded Margaret for her work in Africa, leading the developing world’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) revolution.

Professor Bates explained: “The nice thing about the Resource Hot 100 is that it’s voted by the industry, and so shows that your peers appreciate the work you do. You look at the Hot 100 and you see what esteemed company you are in and it’s very flattering. Of course, it is actually a reflection of the hard work that the whole wastes team at the University of Northampton put in, not just myself.”

Professor Bates is a member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and a Chartered Environmentalist, and has been involved in wastes management for over 20 years. She acts as an expert advisor for a range of local, national and international organisations, including the United Nations.

Number 1 in Resource’s Magazine’s Hot 100 2013 was announced at the ceremony as Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland.

For more information on the Hot 100, visit the Resource website.