University officially pledges to support estranged students

Date 24.05.2021

The University’s commitment to being super supportive continues, by signing up to a national pledge promising help for students estranged from their families.

The Stand Alone Pledge is an initiative that helps institutions develop support so young students who study without family help or approval can remain focused on their degrees.

Now, University of Northampton (UON) publicly and officially commits to supporting these students – of which there are currently 94 – to help them through their academic and professional careers.

The pledges, some of which have previously been available to estranged students,  are now all detailed on the University’s website, ‘under one roof’. They provide estranged students with the same level of financial help and personal support as their peers who have left care.

The pledges include:

  • A bursary for estranged students of £1,500 for each of the first two years and £2,000 for the final year of their undergraduate degrees.
  • A room in University-owned accommodation is guaranteed for all new, full-time and first year students, with flexible, year-round tenancies available.
  • Access to mental health services and counselling.
  • Discount on postgraduate course fees.

Wray Irwin, Director of Employability and Innovation at the University, said: “We are delighted to sign on the dotted line with the Stand Alone Pledge. This makes loud and clear our commitment to giving estranged students at UON every opportunity to succeed with us.

“Our vision at Northampton is to ‘Transform Lives and Inspire Change’ through the provision of a super supportive student experience. The Stand Alone Pledge is a welcome addition to the raft of initiatives and other projects on offer here.”

Susan Mueller, HE and Projects Director at Stand Alone charity, added: “By signing the Stand Alone Pledge the University of Northampton is sending a message to estranged students that they are not on their own but that the university is committed to supporting them in getting into university and to succeeding in their chosen course. I look forward to working with the University of Northampton in developing further the support if offers to estranged students at every stage of their student journey.”

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