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University launches #CMHubAction to support the COVID19 response

Date 20.04.2020

People across Northamptonshire are coming together to help one another. In support of that effort, the University of Northampton’s Changemaker Hub team have launched a new way to connect University staff and students with community groups needing support, the #CMHubAction.

The #CMHubAction works in tandem with the Northamptonshire County Council Resilience Cell, which is coordinating Northamptonshire’s response to the Covid19 pandemic, to match community needs with pledges of support from the University of Northampton’s student and staff community.

Wray Irwin, Director of Enterprise and Employability at the University of Northampton, said: “Spotting a social challenge and taking action to address it is a key part of what it means to be a Changemaker, that ethos is something the University of Northampton aim to foster in our students and staff.

“We’ve already heard of so many acts of kindness happening by people within the University community, from volunteering time and help, to student nurses heading to the frontline, and students donating food vouchers. That’s why we launched the #CMHubAction to organise UON support and focus it towards those who need it most.

“Many local organisations have already been in touch with the University requesting support, the #CMHubAction scheme works with the Northamptonshire County Council Resilience Cell, to ensure our community of Changemakers are focusing their ability to help with the people and organisations with most immediate need.”

If you are a local organisation who are seeking help then email your request to or ring 07592 501769 and you’ll be matched with volunteers from around the county, as well as students and staff from the University of Northampton who can best support your needs.

Students and staff can make their pledges of time, service and support by registering via #CMHubAction. If you are a UON student, currently living outside of Northamptonshire, and you want to support your community, contact your local Volunteer CentreCVS or visit the Do-it website. They can help you find out where your help is most urgently needed.