UN academic secures prestigious research title from Perrott-Warrick Fund

Date 13.11.2015

Professor Chris Roe, Director of the University of Northampton’s Centre for Anomalous Psychological Processes (CSAPP), has been announced as the new Perrot-Warrick Senior Researcher for 2014-2017.

The prestigious appointment is made only every five years and administered by a committee of fellows from Trinity College, Cambridge. Professor Roe will use the award to research extrasensory phenomena on a full-time basis. The role attracted fierce competition from applicants around the world.

The funding will allow Professor Roe to devote time to a research project exploring the public’s experiences of extrasensory perception to produce a better understanding of the causes and consequences of those experiences. The project involves a mixed methods approach that will incorporate survey, case collection and experimental elements.

Professor Roe commented: “This is a significant achievement for us to be awarded this prestigious position despite intense international competition. It is an endorsement of all the hard work of members of the CSAPP group to raise awareness and impact of our research among the academic community. The award gives us the opportunity to build on that work and maintain the position of CSAPP as a centre of research excellence.”