The Chancellor’s Fund – student Xianrong’s story

Date 19.04.2024

A Faculty of Health, Education and Society PhD student is ‘quids in’ for future career success thanks to a University of Northampton (UON) bursary.

The Chancellor’s Fund provides successful applicants with awards of between £100 and £750 to support activities or resources which enhance students’ education or employability. This can include training, research, or extracurricular activities to benefit people or the planet.

Xianrong Wang is in the fourth year of her PhD in special educational needs and inclusion, focusing on exploring strategies and interventions to support children with autism. She applied for the Chancellor’s Fund and received £750 to help her achieve a BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) certificate to enhance her PhD investigations.

Xianrong explains: “Ten years ago, I saw how mainstream schools adopt inclusive approaches to support children with autism in stark contrast to my home country of China, where inclusive education was a novel concept. This contrast was what initially sparked my interest in this field.

“The certification is widely recognized and respected within special education, and achieving it demonstrates competence and dedication to delivering high-quality services. I have completed the work required for the BCBA; combined with my doctoral studies, I now have extra practical experience in the field and have deepened my theoretical knowledge.

“The financial support from the Chancellor’s Fund facilitated my academic and professional growth, has strengthened my research capabilities and will significantly enhance my future employment prospects by opening the door to many career opportunities. But, most importantly, I’m using my skills to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

If you’re a UON student considering boosting your studies and future career prospects with the Chancellor’s Fund, see our website.