New year, new staff as animal expert joins life science team

Date 9.01.2019

The Faculty of Health and Society has added an extra dimension to its Bioscience courses with the introduction of an expert in animal physiology and behaviour.

Dr Wanda McCormick, Lecturer in Nutritional Biochemistry, joined her Northampton peers in November last year from Anglia Ruskin University.

But Wanda is no stranger to University of Northampton as she had previously worked for nine years at Moulton College. As Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare, her PhD students were co-supervised by the University’s Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology.

Wanda brings to University of Northampton a wealth of experience in the practical application of research and her specialist areas that will inform her lecturing across nutrition, biochemistry and physiology.

Although her research is non-human focused she will lecture about the biochemical level of nutrition, where there are similarities between humans and animals.

Dr McCormick said: “Waterside is a lot different to the old campuses, but I love the whole big, open-plan areas for academics and students. It’s a great way to mix and get to know people, rather than sitting in little ‘pigeon-holes’!

“Because of my background, I am used to hands-on teaching, an active approach to learning, to really integrate knowledge.

“I work a lot with industry too so, from my research, everything has to have a very clear, direct applicable link – something I put across well to all of my students. I teach them the theory, but make sure I clearly show the next important steps: why and where they can use it and what it will mean to the world, helping them from an employment perspective.”

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