Cult Film Club returns to chill, challenge and captivate audiences

Date 31.08.2017

Northampton’s Cult Film Club opens its box office tills once more in September with a new programme of movies aimed at scaring, enlightening and entertaining audiences.

Announcing its programme for the next five months, the next selection of cinematic highlights focuses on extreme movies.

The season kicks off on 27th September with the violent, futuristic Japanese film Battle Royale and includes the controversial horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and West German exploitation flick Nekromantik.

Now in its fourth year, the film club is run by the University of Northampton’s Film Studies team, with support from their students and is hosted at The Errol Flynn Filmhouse in Northampton.

The club was set up to challenge how we view and understand movies by carefully selecting films that go beyond the boundaries of good taste, subvert genre conventions or show those that already have a small but passionate following.

Screenings are accompanied by additional events, including informative pre-movie talks and film related discussions.

David Simmons, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Northampton, leads the film club: “Too often when we go to the multiplex, it’s all about popcorn delights, leaving your brain on the empty cinema seat next to you and enjoying the big bang of the blockbuster.

“What we aim to do with the film club, in a fun and enjoyable way is to screen films you might not usually choose to see and point you in the direction to look at them in a different way. For anyone who enjoys great cinema, they should book a ticket or come along on the night for an evening of discovery in the dark.”

The film club is also recruiting for volunteers to assist with setting up the screenings and spreading the word about the club’s programme.

Anyone, student or civilian, who wants to find out more should contact the film club either via their Facebook page or email

The full list of films coming up are:

  • Wednesday 27 Sept- Battle Royale
  • Wednesday 25 Oct – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Wednesday 29 Nov- Nekromantik
  • Wednesday 31st Jan – Audition
  • Wednesday 28th Feb – Hellraiser

Tickets start £7.50 and can be purchased at the Errol Flynn’s website.

Read here for more information about our Film and Screen Studies course.