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Dr. Janet Jackson

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Environmental Ecology & Management
  • Department: Environmental Science

General information

Janet became a resident of Northampton in 1971 and has subsequently worked in the science sector all her working career.  Janet graduated in 1993 with a BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences; majoring in Environmental Biology, with Environmental Chemistry (minor) and Earth Sciences at the University of Northampton (then Nene College: awarded by the University of Leicester).  Her PhD, with a thesis was entitled 'Spatial and temporal dynamics of plants colonizing species-poor hedgerow', was awarded in 2001.  Janet gained a Post Graduate Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education in 2006 and in 2008 was present with the University of Northampton's Court Award for 'her work in sustainable urban drainage, community engagement and initiating interdisciplinary research into sustainable development.  Janet has been teaching both part time and full time at the UoN for over ten years and currently helping to integrate the use of GIS in teaching and researching environmental science and developing new postgraduate programmes on Sustainable Urban environments and Sustainable Communities in collaboration with the Northampton Institute for Urban Affairs (NIUA).

Additional Activities

  • 2009 Working group member for the formation of a Northampton Civic Trust
  • 2009 Co-supervisor: University of Northampton bursary for PhD Studentship: Growing up sustainably? Young people and 'sustainable' urban development
  • 2008 Co-supervisor: University of Northampton, part-time PhD student, Sediment characteristics of the SUDS at Upton: Implications for SUDS management and maintenance.
  • 2008 current Upton Meadows Community group liaison
  • 2008 Co-supervisor - Stella Watts: PhD Completed: Pollinators in Peru,
  • 2008 External PhD Examiner University of Salford
  • 2008 Peer reviewer for the international publications: The Journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.
  • 2007 current River Nene Regional Park (RNRP) Stakeholder Steering Group Committee member
  • 2007 current Co-chair and Network member: United Nations Regional Centre of Excellence for Education for Sustainable Development (UNRCE ESD)
  • 2007-2008 Postgraduate Teaching in Higher Education (THE): Mentoring tutor
  • 2006-2009 KTP MPhil Supervisor: Influencing environmental behaviours in an manufacturing workforce,
  • 2006 current SUDSnet member: Research Network for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
  • 2006-2009 External examiner BSc Biology and Environmental Sciences to Oxford Brookes University
  • 2006 Internal PhD examiner Lizzie Cant: Do roads and hedges influence patterns of pollinator foraging movement and consequent plant gene flow in a UK agricultural landscape?
  • 2005 Internal PhD examiner Paul Clarkson: The influence of Aspect and ForestEdge Effects on the Ecology of the Wood Ant, Formica rufa L. Hymenoptera:Formicidae).
  • 2005 -2009 Secretary to International Association for Landscape Ecology IALE( UK ).
  • 2005 current Project co-ordinator: Multidisciplinary Research at Upton Development
  • 2003 current Member of the Education and Research Committee for Kelmarsh Hall Trust.
  • 2001 current Member of the Northamptonshire Biodiversity Network


  • ENV1002 Introduction to Ecology: succession and community development
  • ENV1004 Fundamentals of Environmental Science: using microscopes, drawing to scale, use of keys and taxonomy for identification
  • ENV2002 Field Project, (Module Leader)
  • ENV2036 Research Methods: application of GIS/GPS technologies
  • ENV2018 Habitat Ecology and Management: wetland and river ecology
  • ENV2104 USA field trip
  • ENV3013 Sustainable development, land use and policy (Module Leader)
  • ENV3014 Landscape and Restoration Ecology: Restoration Ecology
  • ENVM001 Environmental Policy and Management: Sustainable development
  • ENVM002 Research Methods: application of GIS
  • ENVM006 Environmental Restoration (Module Leader)
  • ENVM026 Sustainable Urban Environments
  • GEO2028 Issues in Human Geography: environmental goods and services
  • QTS Yr 3 Sustainable Development


Janet's interests are in ecological processes that occur over space and time. Dispersal, colonisation and establishment of species are important processes that may influence conservation management decisions, habitat creation and enhancement of ecological communities: they may also influence biodiversity in the wider landscape.  Experiences in 1990's in facilitating community participation, river restoration research and floodplain habitat surveying in Northamptonshire has led to her current interests in sustainable land use practices in wet places and the planning and management of multifunctional Green Infrastructures.

Janet and her colleagues in Environmental Science began to research and monitoring in urban extension to Northampton at Upton in 2003.  This development includes a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS): a roof to river surface run off retention system to prevent additional flood risk in Northampton.  Along with colleagues in the School of Social Sciences and in Science Education, an interdisciplinary team have been researching biodiversity and ecological values; ecosystem functions and services and sediment transport within these new urban wetlands and are currently researching people's perceptions of water in the landscape and sustainable development policy. 

The Upton development also provided the research team with opportunities to examine concepts of best practice behind the Sustainable Communities policy including: urban design, construction, 'eco-friendly' living, resource efficiency and renewable energy production (including energy from biofuels).  Recently, Janet has been involved as a joint partnership initiative to develop the "Sustainable Home Innovation Network [SHINE]"; in collaboration with Universities of Loughborough and Nottingham. SHINE associated funding applications are focussing on modelling and testing the application of renewable technologies in occupied dwellings coupled with the development of education and training packages for industry and residents.


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