Charmaine Vushe: My Clearing Journey

Date 13 March 2023

Charmaine shares her journey joining the University of Northampton through clearing, to begin her Social Work career.

Charmaine Vushe

I grew up in a big family and always knew I wanted to work with people. I received a conditional offer to do social work at Birmingham City University, which I thought was perfect. It was close to home but still gave me the independence I wanted. Sadly, my A levels did not go as well as I had planned, and on results day, I discovered that I had fallen short of the required grades to guarantee my spot at my chosen university. My dad encouraged me to keep moving forward and to be proud even though I truly felt stuck and very disappointed.

I called the University of Northampton (which I heard of at a university fair earlier in the year), clearing hotline once I had regained my composure. The staff were incredibly kind and patient with me. I was then transferred to the social work department where the first thing I heard was “Congratulations on your grades”, which made a huge difference in how I felt. I was offered an interview within hours, had my interview through zoom call a few days later, and was accepted all within a week. I did some research on social work studies at the University of Northampton and saw all the great opportunities they had to support my development as a student and couldn’t wait to start. Once I received my offer, I was reassured I would obtain a place in halls and had the procedure explained to me.

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Now that my first year is done, I’m incredibly grateful I decided to take a chance on the University of Northampton, and them on me. It is truly a fantastic place to learn, with a broad variety of facilities around, helpful staff who are always prepared to assist and lots of opportunities to socialise with new likeminded people. If you are reading this and in the process of going through clearing with the University of Northampton, you shouldn’t worry at all because the procedure is simple. Remember, you are never alone. Also, remember to be kind to yourself because you’ve worked incredibly hard.

Small square photo of Charmaine Vushe, a Clearing student, from the University of Northampton.
Charmaine Vushe

Charmaine Vushe is a second year student studying BA Social Work who joined us through the clearing process.