5 Reasons to Join a Sports Team or Society

Date 23 January 2024

What makes joining a uni sports’ team or/and a society a fantastic idea?

Madison Looby

Being away from home or in a new environment can be daunting and stressful. However, joining a society or sports team can be part of university life, and can be helpful with assimilating in your new surroundings. With attending open days and fresher’s week you are encouraged to join but you may still be unsure. So here are my five top reasons why you should join a society.

1. Make new friends
According to Times Higher Education, whether you are in high school or attempting to make new friends can be quite hard. Joining a sports team or society can result in you meeting new like-minded people from potentially different countries and backgrounds. It is healthy to put yourself out of your comfort zone while trying something new.

2.  Mental Health
Over the last 10 years or so, there has been a growth in awareness of mental health especially since 2018. Very well mind has suggested that being isolated can have a huge impact like depression and social anxiety as well as stress which is not helpful during exam season. Therefore, joining a society can help with your mental health and engage your brain in other ways. Furthermore, you will feel less lonely if this your first time away from home as you’ll be keeping busy. University of Northampton have an ASSIST team which offers support to students who require additional support.

3. Career
In considering joining a society or team, note that employers don’t just consider your grades and experience, they also look at your hobbies.  So, being part of a team, especially teams that are in group settings that shows that you are team player, have communication skills and handle stressful situations provides a positive impression.  Joining a sports team can be attractive to interviewers showing your time management skills, balancing course work and extracurricular activities. Check out this employability blog for more tips and advice!

4. Confidence
Regardless of being in society or sports being involved in a team and trying something new can boost your confidence. Talking to new people and putting yourself into new environment will not only give you more confidence, but improves your mental health.

5. Learn a new skill.
The University of Northampton offers a multitude of societies and sports team to join from Anime to Swimming. Joining a society or team is cost effective and convenient as they are on campus and local to Northampton. With Northampton being one of very few universities that offer free sports and societies to students, so you can try as many or as little as you like. Take a look at the full list of UON sports clubs and societies.

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