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Thank you for your interest in apprenticeships at the University of Northampton.

Please use the form to let us know your requirements and one of our dedicated team will provide further information about how we can support you in more detail.

Please note: All our apprenticeship courses are offered through an employer. If you are not already in employment, the first step is to get a job with an employer offering an apprenticeship. Once you are in employment, you can apply for apprenticeship courses. Unfortunately, you cannot apply directly to the University for any of our apprenticeship courses. Please see individual course pages for entry criteria.

You can also find degree apprenticeship vacancies on the Government website or alternatively if you have employers in mind that you would like to work for, you can make direct contact with them or visit their website to check for any job vacancies.

If you are already employed, you will need to discuss with your employer first whether they will support you in doing a degree apprenticeship. Once the employer confirms support, your employer will then need to confirm to us that they are happy for the University of Northampton to deliver the apprenticeship programme to you. We will then guide you and the employer through the process about how to join the programme.

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