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University of Northampton Students’ Union: we are your student experience

At Northampton Students’ Union we know that choosing your university and starting university life are big steps. We’re here and ready to adventure with you! When you join the university, you automatically become a member of the Students’ Union and it’s completely free. You have access to all that we do and are given the chance to make the most of your time at the University of Northampton. We cannot wait to meet you, whether that’s on Campus in our iconic Engine Shed building or via email/phone.

We know that your student experience is unique to you, so we spend our time providing a place for you to have a say and by creating opportunities so you can get the most out of us and we can get the best out of you. We will;

Look after you: Ensuring you are happy in your academic and non-academic experiences at University, and having solutions when you’re not.
  • You’ll have access to over 60 affiliated Sports Clubs and Societies; getting involved is a wonderful way to enhance your learning experience in one of our academic societies, or to develop a passion in one of our activity groups.
  • Should you need a bit more support; our Welfare, Advice and Support Team are here when you need them; independent from the University we exist to support you if you need a chance to get some headspace, advice on matters relating to your course or just a helping hand. We’ve got your back and we’re ready to fight your corner.
  • There is always space for you at The Engine Shed (Waterside Campus) which is home to our student-facing services, café and social space.
  • Both the SU and our affiliated student groups run a wide range of events during term-time. No matter how you like to spend your free time, we have something for you.
Develop you: Ensuring your time with us pushes you further along your personal journey to your next step, whatever (and wherever) that may be.
  • There are opportunities for you to grow your academic ambition as one of our Course Representatives, who exist to amplify the views of students to the University. If you’re not ready to be a rep, but would like to change something about your course, you can speak to one of your Course Reps and they can do it on your behalf.
  • All of our affiliated sports clubs and societies are run by students, giving you the opportunity to develop yourself whilst doing something you love.
  • We will make your student experience central to everything we do, by listening when ideas or challenges come our way and taking the action that our students need us to. We exist to champion your voice.
  • Every year there are opportunities for you to run in our elections as either a full or part time student officer or to join in as a volunteer. It’s a great opportunity to increase your skills, build a university wide network and develop transferable skills for your life after Northampton.
Champion you: If there is something you want to say, we’ve got your back and will support you to say it in an effective way.
  • The Students’ Union is yours, run by Students for Students. You are at the heart of everything we do. With elected officers representing your views to the University, within the local community and nationally via the National Union of Students; Welfare, Advice and Support Team supporting you to navigate your time at Northampton, and the opportunity to spread your wings with one of our student groups. Everything we do, is all about you.
  • We will amplify your voice through campaigning and advocating both locally and Nationally, to bring about the change you want to see; for yourself, your friends, class mates and future students.

For more information about the Students’ Union, visit our website www.northamptonunion.com or email us via enquiries@northamptonunion.com.

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