Learning Development

Learning Development at UON

Learning Development work with students to enhance and foster independence in academic, study and maths and statistical skills. We work with students in various ways:

  • Workshops within your programme
  • One-to-one tutorials (online or face to face)
  • Drop-in sessions (online and face to face)
  • Study guides, videos and online resources on our Skills Hub
  • Peer support via Learning Development Mentors

Workshops within your programme

Learning Development Tutors facilitate lectures/workshops to teach specific skills required for your programme and support your academic development.

Tutorial Provision

Our one-to-one tutorials cultivate an inclusive and encouraging environment, modelling skills for effective practice. Our Learning Development tutors are professional service staff with a high level of expertise, knowledge and years of teaching experience. The Learning Development Tutors will not be able to support questions relating to specific subject content or submissions but are experienced in developing skills around the conventions of academic writing, critical thinking, numerical and statistical skills required for higher education.

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The Learning Development Drop-in offers an opportunity for all students to access the service without an appointment both face to face (in the Learning Hub, Floor 2 blue sofas, Waterside) and online. The drop-in format allows a 10-minute query to be explored together with a Learning Development Tutor or Learning Development Mentor.

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Learning Development Mentors

Learning Development Mentors are current undergraduate students at UON who guide you through dialogue to assist your learning journey. The Learning Development Mentors cannot look at your written work as this compromises their position as a student. Learning Development mentors can offer assistance as a drop-in or a one-to-one tutorial and use their own perspectives to support peers with academic and study skills like notetaking, assessment structure, time management, referencing, presentations and exam techniques.

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What Learning Development do

  • Work in partnership with students to work towards their full potential
  • Offer an inclusive environment to ensure all students feel welcome and adapt support to meet individual needs
  • Listen to students and offer different perspectives to create a nurturing and motivating environment
  • Signpost students to further resources and/or connect students to other University services to assist in their learning journey as appropriate.

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