You and the web – Staying safe online

We all use the internet pretty much everyday. However, we don’t always realise that we are exposing ourselves to risks when we work online. Following good practice online can prevent attacks on your PC, invasions of privacy and identity fraud. Here are our top tips to staying safe online:

  • use a strong password, including numbers, punctuation, upper and lower case letters
  • use anti-virus software on any laptop or PC.
  • do not give your bank information to anyone or any website that you do not trust
  • do not open or respond to emails from people you do not know or trust

UK Law applies to your use of the Internet. This includes, but isn’t restricted to:

  • Defamation Act 1996: be careful what you say about other people and steer clear of remarks which could be considered defamatory
  • Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988: it is illegal to use or share any intellectual property without the owner’s permission

If you’re using The University of Northampton IT facilities, your usage is governed by our Rules and Regulations.

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