Our Values

Our four core values have been developed through conversations across our community, underpin everything in our strategy and will guide our decisions.


The University of Northampton celebrates and promotes being a diverse and inclusive community because diverse characteristics bring diversity of thought and experiences. This creates a richer community where – with respect and fairness – everyone matters and everyone can excel.


The University aims to become net zero carbon this decade. We will mobilise our University community towards common objectives and collective action to being a sustainable institution, with positive impacts on our environment and on society.


The motto on the University’s crest is ‘Ne Nesciamus’ (Let us not be ignorant). Our strategy outlines our ambitions for the future of our University, but also will enable us to realise the aspirations of our staff, students and stakeholders for excellence in all we do.


Trust is a core principle of the way we work together.

We will build relationships that foster trust through respect, reliability, transparency and a shared mission to support aspiration, create opportunities, and deliver impact.

Our Campus