What is Science and Technology Research in Pedagogy?

The Science and Technology in Pedagogy (STRiPe) Research Group was set up to facilitate those working on teaching and learning activities related to science and technology to collaborate. Pedagogy is central to the success of the University, and having a cross-disciplinary and cross-university groups aims to help with this. STRiPe’s aims to take the work members are doing or planning to do with their students, and help with collaboration.

Areas of interest

The STRiPe group has research interests in the seven areas outlined below:

  • Technology Enhance Learning
  • Public Engagement in Science and Technology
  • Student Employability
  • Computing in Schools
  • Student Experience
  • Computational thinking and Problem Solving
  • Robotics

Recent projects

Problem Solving and Creativity

STRiPe project underway

Since 2005 colleagues within STRiPe have developing ways to teach problem-solving and Computational Thinking  within both Computing and Engineering.

This is ongoing activity and has had ‘spin-off’ projects into outreach into schools supporting local and national agendas on STEM and Computing in Schools.


An example junkbot

Project funded initially by East Midlands Development Agency to introduce environmental sustainability, engineering and computing to students in Secondary (and later Primary) Schools.

This project set out to engage pupils with a set of activities over four three-hour sessions that provides an insight into STEM subjects.

Introduction to waste management, its impact, recycling and reuse. An introduction to the idea of making robots from junk.

To apply some of the ideas on problem solving and use of materials developed previously to build a little junk-clearing robot.

Details can be found on our blog.

Current projects

Visualising the Field

An ongoing project, which is a collaboration between the Dr Naomi Holmes (Department of Environmental Sciences,)  Dr Scott Turner (Department of Computing and Immersive Technologies) and Adel Gordon (Learning Technology Team)

Virtual field trips are not a new idea, but with the release of the developer version of the Oculus Rift providing a more affordable immersive/virtual reality equipment, could virtual field trips become immersive virtual field trips at reasonable cost? Is this a good idea?

The Oculus Rift, a device whose popularity with gamers is increasing, is under investigation of tool for preparing for field trips. The demo of a house and gardens in Tuscany that comes with the Oculus Rift (available through the Oculus Rift developer centre) is being used as the basis of the test.

Oculous rift demonstration

Students come in, put the headset on, after an initial orientation, walk around the house, and gardens, later fill in a questionnaire on the experience, as well as talking to the two investigators. Part of the procedure is the students are told they can stop at any time and restart if they want at any time during the session.

The research questions revolve around:

  • Do students like the tool?
  • Do students think this tool could be used for:
    • preparation before a field trip to try out ideas
    • a way of describing a trip when they come back
    • a replacement for field trips
  • What are the limitations of the approach?
  • Where else could it be used, if anywhere?
  • Is there some procedures that need to be put in place to enable effective use of these?

External partners

Working with the Northamptonshire County Council on the Race to the Top Coding Competition for Northamptonshire schools.

Northamptonshire County Council logo

STRiPe Staff

Staff working with the STRiPe include:

Scott Turner, Research Leader (STRiPe)

Dr Scott Turner

01604 893028

Rob Howe, Researcher

Rob Howe

010604 892483

Jonathan Adams, Researcher

Jonathan Adams

01604 893074

Mark Johnson, Researcher

Mark Johnson

01604 893255

Ali Al-Sherbaz, Researcher

Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz

01604 893182

Louise Maxwell, Researcher

Louise Maxwell

01604 893363

Helena Beeson, Researcher

01604 893340

Carole Morrell, Researcher

Carole Morrell

01604 892403

Ruth Copeland-Philips, Researcher

Ruth Copeland-Philips

01604 893355

Mandy Morrell, Researcher

Mandy Morrell

01604 892403

Paul Cox, Researcher

Paul Cox

01604 893356

Philip Picton, Researcher

Professor Phil Picton

01604 893084

Rashmi Dravid, Researcher

Rashmi Dravid

01604 893338

Gary Hill, Researcher

Gary Hill

01604 893077

Julie Usher, Researcher

Julie Usher

01604 893011

John Sinclair, Researcher

John Sinclair

01604 893023


STRiPe Students

Aleksandra Dziubek

STRiPe currently has one Research Student.

Alex Dziubek

Topic: Towards the Development of Enhanced Strategies  for Computing Education within UK Schools Utilising Contemporary Technology


Working with STRiPe

If you are interested in working with STRiPe please contact scott.turner@northampton.ac.uk