Lucy Morrison Childs

Psychology (Counselling) BSc (Hons)

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I had always known from a young age that I wanted to be a child psychologist or counsellor. Deciding which path to take and therefore which degree to choose was a really hard one. I looked online and sought courses that could potentially allow me to explore both options. I chose to study at the University of Northampton as they were offering the ideal, in-fact perfect course for me. I hadn’t found a course in Psychology and Counselling at all really, but also one that didn’t do skills practice, like the University of Northampton had to offer. It was a bonus that it was commuting distance for me, too!

I truly adored the course from the first day. We did a lot of personal reflection throughout the three years, which was a highlight for me due to the personal element, but also because it gave insight as to how group therapy could work and gave me skills and ideas that were transferable in any future counselling practice.

My favourite part of the course was definitely the close knit group and support from the other students and lecturers. We all built a relationship with the staff and I always felt so comfortable to reach out over personal or academic related issues. This support and rapport helped me make the decision to become third year representative for the whole course, something I loved by being able to let our course voices be heard.

The course and modules in general were incredibly interesting and rewarding. In particular, we did a lot of creative counselling activities that were transferable to future practice, but also thought provoking and therapeutic!

We looked at client’s presenting issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety, self harm, and eating disorders. What sticks with me, is the incredible support from the course leaders and lecturers around the sensitive topics, but also due to the amazing relationship we had all formed, it was a safe and comfortable space to explore the difficult issues we discussed.

The work we did in the counselling modules are skills I’ll take with me for the rest of my career. Most importantly, and one of the main reasons I picked the University of Northampton is the three years of skills practice we had. We worked in triads and very quickly, you become comfortable and supported. Being able to state on my CV that I had three years of skills practice has proven to be worth its weight in gold!

We had guest speakers from a range of vocations related to counselling and psychology come in through the duration of the course to advise and inform us on potential job opportunities for when we graduate. All the staff have personal experience in counselling, therefore the seminars and learning is authentic and spoken from experience.

I would whole heartedly recommend and encourage anyone considering undergoing a degree to come to the University of Northampton, but especially BSc Psychology (Counselling). I’m now back studying my Masters degree (the postgraduate discount if you studied an undergraduate course at UON is just a bonus!) because of the positive experience I’ve had from my undergraduate course.

If I could describe my experience of BSc Psychology (Counselling) course it would be: Worthwhile, Informative, Fascinating.

My advice would be, if you’re considering pursuing a career in counselling, psychology, mental health or anything similar, this course is the route to take. It can open so many doors with its vast and in-depth module content, the support you receive is second to none, the experienced psychologist and counselling team that run the course are truly some of the greatest and knowledgeable people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Last but not least, your experience with the University of Northampton and Psychology and Counselling team will be the most soul satisfying, knowledge enriching and academic achieving three years of your life, as it was mine.