Jade Thomas

Psychology BSc (Hons)

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Since studying Psychology at A Level I knew it was a subject I had great interest in that I wished to pursue further. I took a gap year before embarking on my undergraduate degree and from visiting the University of Northampton campus on the open day I knew it was somewhere I could see myself studying. I instantly loved the campus feel and the warm welcome from the Psychology department and the student support services in the library. From this it was a no brainer for me to study my degree at the University of Northampton.

The BSc Psychology degree at Northampton equipped me with the basic skills and theory of a psychologist, some of which I still use and apply to my clinical practice today. I enjoyed the variety the course offered and the opportunities to narrow your specialist interests through choosing modules such as Educational Psychology or Forensic Psychology. I had an unexplored interest in Educational Psychology, so from my second year was given the opportunity to pursue this module. I found the module and lectures very engaging and enjoyed the placement element as it allowed me to put theory into practice in a school setting. This also allowed me to gain face to face service user experience during my undergraduate degree, which supported my Assistant Psychologist internship application and my Psychology Doctorate application.

Another area of the course I really enjoyed was the Psychology of Mental Health module. This module focused on more clinical-practice theory which again I still use in my work today. I found the lectures and assignments for this module insightful as it allowed me to think more practically, like a real psychologist. Skills such as developing a psychological formulation is something I use on a day-to-day basis with patients and something I study further now at Doctorate level. Because of this the University of Northampton were leading edge with their material for undergraduate students.

During my final year at university, I utilised the employment services the Changemaker Team offered. This was valuable when I began the process of applying for post-graduate jobs and internships and I was delighted to be offered an Assistant Psychologist Internship before completing my final year at the University of Northampton.

Since graduating from the university I have worked as an Assistant Psychologist, Psychological Well-Being Practitioner and now a Psychologist in Doctoral Training at a private psychological clinic on Harley Street in London. I have worked with a wide range of patients with a variety of psychological presentations such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, borderline personality disorder and much more. I am currently in my second year of my professional Psychology Doctorate where I aim to complete my doctorate and become a HCPC registered Psychologist by the age of 26. I have also embarked on Psychology media work appearing on live TV and writing articles for magazines.

The University of Northampton offered me the grounding theory, practice, and skills I needed to obtain a place on the Psychology Doctorate course and work directly with patients with ranging psychological presentations. Following my positive experience at the university, I am honoured to be returning as an Associate Lecturer on the BSc Psychology course, where I hope to inspire current students and support them in their journey to becoming a psychologist like myself.