Fatima Dambam

Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons)

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  • Year of graduation: 2022
  • Current job title: Financial Reporting Intern
  • Organisation / Company: CooperVision
  • Industry Sector: Manufacturing, Medical

Your University experience

Why did you choose the University of Northampton?

I wanted the full University experience without living in a large city and I felt that Northampton was a perfect fit for someone who came from a very small town. I also loved the idea of having smaller teaching classes/lectures which did not seem common in most universities. Not only were these all incentives, but the biggest drive for me was also the employability promise at Northampton.

Why did you choose to study your chosen course?

I am a final year student studying BSc Hons Accounting and Finance. I never really knew what course I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to do something that would give me a range of opportunities to explore and be able to work in different industries and something that involved Economics and Maths- a passion of mine. After doing my research and speaking to academic advisors, I wanted to go into Finance. It was a great decision to make because it meant my love for Maths and Economics combined could be pursued at degree level. The course at the University of Northampton was perfect because it was accredited by the various accounting bodies.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The course and modules were incredibly interesting but challenging in a good way. The courses were structed in a way where you get an all-rounded experience and knowledge into Accounting and Finance, and it gave us insight on how working in this subject area would be like. My favourite part of the course was they incorporated the employability award at bronze level in the first year. This gave all students on our course the opportunity to complete the bronze award and get one step closer to achieving the gold award. I loved how they incorporated this into our modules because it gave us the ability to enhance our skills and transfer our knowledge to prepare us for future employment. It was a main factor that helped me get a placement year.

What advice would you give to those at the considering studying at the University and/or your chosen course?

Research. This is a fundamental advice I will give all students who want to study Accounting and Finance at degree level. Research about what grades is required and subjects you need for the degree, research about the profession and is required to become chartered. The University of Northampton give you a lot of information and organise guest speakers to come in and discuss different pathways and careers regarding the degree post university.  They speak about becoming chartered and which modules will help you become exempt from some of the professional exams, and the types of industry you can work in. They also discuss other career pathways within Finance to explore.

In ten words or less how would you summarise your university experience?

My experience was like an enjoyable rollercoaster. There are lows and high but overall experience was amazing. The university have supported us all through the course and have given us all information we need to have a successful finance career.

Anything else you’d like to say about the course and the University?

I was able to find a placement year at the end of my second year and I strongly believe the employability award helped towards achieving this. Any student who is looking to come to the University of Northampton and study Accounting and Finance, take that opportunity and do your employability award because it really helps with your employability skills and prepares you for those scary interview questions. The world of finance is super competitive and I advise all students wanting to pursue a career in finance to look at finding a placement year/internship (paid or unpaid), as this will significantly boast your employability and makes you stand out from a lot of other candidates.