Ewen Bufton

“What I liked best about MSc Sport (Sport Science)* course was the platform of opportunity it created into professional sporting environments. The university pathed connections into a range of sports, from grass roots right up to elite levels, allowing me to gain research and testing experience in a variety of settings, from amateur rugby league to elite football and cricket. In addition to sporting environments, opportunities in clinical settings such as physiotherapy were also widely available, allowing me to expand my portfolio, transferring and developing knowledge from the classroom to real life situations.

“The modules covered in the course went hand in hand with opportunities presented. The content provides great insights into concepts of sport physiology and psychology, with the ability to put them into practice instantly with the classrooms being side by side to the high-performance labs and sport pitches. Furthermore, to cap off all experiences in research and sport science gained, the dissemination module allowed me to present and further my year of research into the professional world. I published and presented my research at the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, allowing me to develop my presentation skills and network with top names in sports science and S&C.

“On account of all the opportunities of experience and development presented by the MSc Sport (Sport Science) course, I was able to successfully secure a job at one of the top esports organisations in the UK, EXCEL Esports. My role as a performance manager at EXCEL comes with a great variety of tasks. Not only am I preparing and supporting professional Esports players on sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mental aspects in order to optimise performance, but to also enhance quality of life and prolong careers.

“My time studying at UON aligned me perfectly with the role at EXCEL due to the vast amounts of professional experiences offered alongside the course content to expand my knowledge base. The ability to put content covered in lectures straight into practice on the field or in the labs was key in my personal development. The mix of elite sporting and community connections that UON provided was perfect in that I came away from university with range of knowledge, from working with stroke patients to elite sports professionals. The opportunity to experience these different working environments was vital in deciding my career path alongside building the knowledge to thrive in what I wanted to do.

“I therefore highly recommend this course and would like to personally thank my supervisor Mark Antrobus for all his support throughout my MSc Journey.”

* We no longer offer this course but please view our Sports courses.