Deividas Misiunas

Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons)

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Ever since joining the University of Northampton I have had the best experience and was able to grow my skills and interest with the help of lecturers, tutors and friends. I chose to do my BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies course at the University of Northampton because of its childhood research specialism which I thought was important when deciding which university I should choose. Meeting the staff also made it clear that this university is for me as I was made to feel welcome and as a result be able to pursue my passion in Early Years research.

The course delves into many topics when it comes to early childhood studies. I was able to study a multitude of topics such as childhood theoretical perspectives, children’s psychology, childhood law and many more. If any of you are sitting at home and checking out the course, what I would tell you is to apply for this university as the Early Childhood degree allows you to pursue any career but also makes you evaluate your career decisions. Before I started university, I was set on becoming a primary school teacher but after going on the course I completely changed my career path and chose a different specialism which felt right for me.

The skills I gained from this degree helped me become more confident and critical with my thinking. The course has presentations which allows you to develop your communication and become more assured which helps tremendously when you’re working in this field. The lecturers work side by side with you and helped me along in every way whether it be tutorials, critical writing or explaining the assignments. The Early Years team and the university will work with you so that you are able to make the most of your degree. Placements are also an integral part of the course which allowed me to put theory into practice. By choosing this course I was able to gain a multitude of skills and had an amazing time along the way.

Personally, for me studying this course allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills I needed to work with children and families. Lecturers have really aided in my career goals, and I was able to secure a place on an MA Social Work degree which I am currently studying. This degree does not qualify you to become a primary school teacher, but it is a course that will help you explore all the options available when it comes to working with children. Some people might think that a person with a degree in Early Childhood Studies only works in nurseries or primary schools, but it is so much more than that and if you choose this university, they will be able to get you to the right career path which will motivate you to achieve your very best in this degree. The university also offers Changemaker Awards which are highly valued and provide you with certain employability skills and if you actively participate in this scheme the university will guarantee you a paid internship if you are struggling to find work after you finish your studies. This is why I chose the University of Northampton as they are heavily invested into their student’s employment prospects.

Some advice I would give to students who are choosing to study at the University of Northampton is to enjoy your time because the three years go by so quick. Make sure to make the most of the lecturers and what the university has to offer as they will enhance your skills and knowledge of Early Childhood. Also enjoy the fun side of university such as joining a society or running your own club. By getting out there and meeting new people you will be able to make amazing friends who will also support you alongside the lecturers. I hope reading my story will help you decide on choosing the BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies at the University of Northampton.