Cai Onraet

Psychology BSc (Hons)

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I began searching exclusively for a BSc Psychology course after having enjoyed my time learning the subject during sixth form. Though I had several different universities in mind, the University of Northampton was my first pick not only because of the quality of its psychology course, but also because of the friendly environment that I experienced during open days. Both of these factors were crucial in my decision to study at Northampton, as I wanted to learn in an environment that was intellectually stimulating as well as comfortable and friendly to be in.

Throughout my psychology degree I was constantly learning more about human behaviour from a variety of different perspectives, which each addressed different areas of behaviour. Further, this was tailored to my preferences, as I was able to choose topics that sounded the most interesting to me. This was my favourite part of the degree, as it provided me with the opportunity to develop a knowledge of more unique areas of psychology – such as evolutionary, forensic and parapsychology – whilst also ensuring that my knowledge of the core areas was substantially developed. Each of these courses encouraged the development of different skills and allowed me to accrue a plethora of distinct perspectives, which I could then use collectively or comparatively to understand certain behaviours. The most notable development of skills has come from my time learning about research methods, which I was given the opportunity to employ on several different tasks, including my dissertation research. Though not always easy, learning about this statistical side of psychology provided me with the skills required to undertake research which I would not otherwise have, and this has undoubtedly improved my mathematical thinking and ability to use certain computer systems. I expect that this will be of aid to me in the future.

Though completing a degree was obviously stressful, my ability to achieve high grades and effectively manage my workload was ever increasing, as the feedback and knowledge gained from each assignment was transferable and served to improve the future quality of my work. This skill was encouraged to me by the university and allowed me to progress at the best of my ability each year. As well as this, the support I received from lecturers and classmates was essential and always available, so I would recommend any future students to utilise their areas of support as much as they can. For me, my tutors and dissertation supervisor were especially helpful and attentive to my needs both academically and otherwise.

Due to the support that I have received, I feel more than able to further my studies by continuing on to the MSC Applied Psychology course. My experience over the last three years has instilled a desire to learn which has not yet been exhausted, and so I am excited to extend my learning at a university that continues to support me and encourage my growth.