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Centre for the Advancement of Racial Equality (CARE)

The Centre for the Advancement of Race Equality (CARE) draws together expertise from across the University, and believes equality, diversity and inclusion is a critical aspect of a healthy research culture. The centre promotes research, learning and teaching, and knowledge exchange activity engaged with issues of race, ethnicity, racial inequality, and positive change.

About CARE

The Centre represents a timely and important evolution within the University of Northampton’s wider focus on Sustainable Development Goals such as Reduced Inequalities. CARE will be proactive to ensure it has a positive impact with its members at the university creating a wide range of partnerships with local, national and international organisations.

CARE aims to:

  • Enable positive change through new research into issues of race, ethnicity, racial inequality.
  • Promote better public understanding of histories of racism and intolerance, and engage with issues such as decolonising academia and society.
  • Develop collaborations with a wide range of researchers, policymakers, activists and community groups in the advancement of racial inequality.


CARE aims to become an important centre for developing and extending critically aware cultures throughout UON, by bringing together strands of research and teaching excellence and inspiring new activity.

CARE will be a focal point allowing academics and other professionals at UON to create partnerships with local, regional and national organisations engaged with issues around overcoming race and racism within society. As well as aspiring to support external organisations, the centre will facilitate development of a wide range of bidding and research enterprise activities that underpin its objectives.

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