Centre for Psychological and Sociological Sciences (CPSS)

The Centre for Psychological and Social Sciences reflects research excellence across the social sciences in the specialisms of: diversity, community and identity; exceptional experiences and consciousness studies; and health education and behaviour change. Ongoing research has national and international reach, drawing on funding from a range of external partners to produce work that has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and their communities. The Centre supports a balanced and sustainable team of committed researchers working collaboratively within a nurturing research culture that gives rise to world-class research in target areas of specialism.

  • To enhance the reputation of the University of Northampton for conducting high quality research with international reach through the production of high quality outputs and generation of significant research income
  • To align our research and enterprise activity to the University of Northampton’s Changemaker Plus Challenge 2 (to make Northamptonshire the leading county in the UK for Health and Wellbeing)
  • To support the professional development of CP&SS members by providing opportunities for collaboration, mentoring, sharing of good practice, and creative use of resources for research activity
  • To enhance the learning experience of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students by drawing on direct experience of contemporary primary research methods, findings and theory
  • To develop and disseminate accurate and balanced information concerning research activity for academic, professional practice and lay public groups

CPSS Projects CPSS Publications

  • Prof Federico, with Associate Professor Angela Scollan (Middlesex University), has recently published a research book, titled “Pedagogical Innovation for Children’s Agency in the Classroom. Building Knowledge Together”. Based on the evaluation of current pedagogical practices, the book discusses effective ways of  facilitating children’s self-determination and active citizenship  in the classroom through the promotion of narratives.

    The book is freely accessible for Uon staff and students via Nelson library service

    • Carey Allen

    An investigation into the effect of sound bath and mindfulness-based interventions on the wellbeing and heart rate variability in undergraduate students.

    • Deborah Babalola

    Exploring health literacy in the general population and healthcare providers in South West Nigeria.

    • Zak Baldwin

    An investigation into the effects of action video-games and gaming interfaces on visual selective attention and age-related cognitive declin.

    • Hayley Barton

    Cognitive decline across the adult lifespan: A role for sleep.

    • Jacqueline Batchelor

    Sound Communication? Language Preference of the Deaf Community Accessing Services

    • Scott Bradley

    Strengths-use in high-performance/elite sport teams.

    • Karen Brasher

    Male adolescents’ perceptions and experiences of being authentic.

    • Jacquie Bridgman

    Coping and Resilience in Women who parent alone; A narrative autoethnographic study of external factors relating to developing resilience.

    • Michelle Bye-Gannon

    Exploring the role of gender and identity in the experiences of male secondary school students.

    • Mike Daw

    An examination of the differential effect of omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, and fasting diets on psi.

    • Iain Douglas

    Investigating technical and psychology concepts around nudges in Virtual Reality and 3D environments

    • Ana Sofia Machado Ferreira

    Induced near-death experiences in healthy volunteers: Phenomenology, psychophysiology, and after-effects

    • Mehari Fisseha

    The impact of Labour market policies on integration of recent movers in Italy

    • Lorna Freestone

    How do the experiences of supportive parents of transgender children affect parents’ identity, coping and wellbeing?

    • Sarah Hyde

    Collaborative goal setting for children with motor disorders: A transdisciplinary team approach

    • Sarah Ibordor

    How the creation and interactions of online identities impacts the well-being of mothers within social media.

    • Lesley Kalish

    What are therapists’ understandings of Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) and how is that reflected in their beliefs about how patients’ presenting with MUS can best be supported?

    • Fil Kinnersley

    Phenomenological study of neophyte practitioners developing mental mediumship

    • Ewen Maclean

    Clients’ experiences of mental mediumship

    • Michael Montgomery

    The Shifting Sound of Silence: A Grounded Theory Study

    • Chetak Nangare

    Parapsychology and Buddhism — to afford a comparison between descriptions of psychic experiences in Buddhist works and in parapsychological research

    • John Pendleton

    The experiences of men who work as midwives in the United Kingdom: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

    • Erika Domeika Pratte

    Wellbeing impacts and clinical implications of near-death experiences

    • Louise Spiers

    A Transpersonal Understanding of Spiritual Experiences in Individuals with Epilepsy

    • Melissa Symonds

    Using narratives to understand the relationship between a dog and its owner who has been diagnosed with breast cancer

    • Emmett Tams

    Trauma, Dissonance and Dissent: A performance led investigation into the lived experience of refugees.

    • Alex Wilson

    The Transformative Nature of Altered States of Consciousness in Youth Subculture

    • Karen Woodall

    How individuals who rejected a parent following separation or divorce during childhood experience relationships in their adulthood

    • Lauren Young

    Children’s Nurse Stories: Narratives of navigating working in Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services (CYPMHS)

    • James White

    Why society and sociology need the future?

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Dr Evangelia Prokopiou
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Lead for Exceptional Experiences and Consciousness Studies

Dr Liz Gulliford
Telephone: +44(0)1604 892388

Leads for Health, Education and Behaviour Change

Dr Josephine Chen-Wilson and Dr Kim Hill
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