Centre for Physical Activity and Life Sciences (PALS)

About the Centre for Physical Activity and Life Sciences

Understanding the factors that influence health is essential to improve quality of life and provide personal and societal benefit. The Centre for Physical Activity and Life Sciences (PALS), located within the Faculty of Art, Science, and Technology, brings together researchers examining multidisciplinary physical activity interventions in sedentary, active and clinical populations, and examines the microbiological, genetic and molecular aspects of disease progression to target national and global challenges to health.  We are developing novel interventions to improve community-based and primary healthcare patients health outcomes in a range of neuromuscular diseases and disorders associated with age including sarcopenia, osteoporosis, cancer, and hypertension.


The Centre is led by Professor Tony Kay with research activities focussed around three Special Interest Groups (SIG):

The Molecular Bioscience SIG led by Professor Karen Anthony and Associate Professor Jamal Nasir focusses on molecular and cellular aspects of health. Specifically, antimicrobial resistance, infection control and molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, clinical genetics and genomics, immunogenetics and RNA-based gene therapy in a range of populations including cancer biology, neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders.

The Sport and Exercise Medicine SIG led by Associate Professor Anthony Baross focusses on physical exercise interventions to improve health. Specifically, tendinopathy, muscle strain, exercise-induced muscle damage, and age-related conditions including sarcopenia, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, balance and falls, and hypertension.

The Interdisciplinary Physical Activity and Health Promotion SIG led by Dr Declan Ryan focusses on quantitative and qualitive research methods to improve health. Specifically, the role of green social prescription, dancing, active travel, and physical activity throughout the life-course to enhance population health and wellbeing outcomes.

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