Research Profile

  • The use of smart wearable sensor technology to early detect the lameness in sheep

    The dramatic development of using the wearable wireless sensors, which are small in size and weight, low cost, and have the ability to record behavioural data for a long period, leads to a wide spectrum of object’s monitoring. The data that are collected by the sensors deployed on the movable objects crucially participate in detecting the invaluable behaviour of those objects. Consequently, these data will be considered an indicator of health status in animals or any other movable objects. This study will develop an automated model to early detect lameness in sheep by analysing the data that will be retrieved from the mounted sensor on their neck collar.

  • Zainab has worked as a lecturer at the College of Science at the University of Baghdad since 2006. In 2010, Zainab got a scholarship for IT Administration Training at ZIIK/TU Berlin which was funded by DAAD organization. In 2012, Zainab was one of the “Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program for Iraq” candidate at Kent State University, Ohio, USA. In 2013, Zainab got a scholarship to study PhD in the UK, which is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq.