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Photo of Alan Swinton

Alan Swinton

  • Job title: Post Graduate Research Student

Research summary

England’s Bloody Code and Royal Pardoning in the 18th Century

England’s Bloody Code and Royal Pardoning in the 18th century relating to Bristol and Lincoln from 1775 to 1799.

To test the hypothesis that the execution rate diminished with the distance from London of the assize court; and to establish if there is a correlation between offence, age and gender and period of transportation recommended by the Trial Judge; and explore generally the various factors revealed.

Supervising team

Dr. Drew Gray

Subject Leader - History

Prof. Matthew McCormack

Professor of History


  • Employed by solicitors 1961 to 1975. Admitted as a solicitor November 1975. Varied career thereafter
  • Retired October 2009
  • M.A. Kingston University January 2012
  • 2014 to date Research Student at University of Northampton

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