UON graduate brings greater diversity into the Law

Date 20.10.2021

Since graduating in 2006, Jabeer Miah has seen his legal career thrive, he credits the University of Northampton for giving him the foundations for his success.

Jabeer, who graduated from the University with a first-class honours degree in Law, is now a Managing Partner at leading local Law firm, Shepherd & Co Solicitors in Towcester, he said: “Highflying solicitors have to take off from somewhere, for me, that was the University of Northampton.

“I was the first person from my family to go to university, this responsibility focused my mind on the importance of grasping every opportunity. My parents were small business owners; as a family we’ve always contributed to make the business a success. The work ethic my parents instilled in me combined with the experience at Northampton is the key to my success.”

Jabeer believes the University of Northampton set him on the path to a successful career, he said: “My time at the University of Northampton was inspirational. That was down to the quality of the lecturers, they were excellent at teaching and inspiring me through my studies. The Northampton law degree is very versatile, the way the programme develops your critical and academic thinking is excellent and gives students the strong foundations for their law career.”

Jabeer’s inspiration came from his mother who encourages him to pursue his dreams and to continuously break barriers and act as a role model for others and Jabeer has mentored many students and provided work experience to encourage the future lawyers of tomorrow.

Jabeer has achieved several firsts in his career. He said: “Another vital skill you need for a legal career is tenacity. Training contracts and graduate positions are highly competitive, my tutors always impressed upon me the importance of keeping going and proving yourself. At Northampton I had many opportunities to volunteer and work pro bono with local organisations, which gave me good experiences and talking points for the competitive recruitment processes for my early career.

“I started working as a paralegal before I gained a training contract, legal carers can be very varied, but every opportunity has its value. I would urge students now to embrace every opportunity available to them.

“At 27 years old, I was perhaps the youngest person to serve on the Bench at Northampton Magistrates Court, an important step I believe, I see a clear need to introduce younger people within the Magistracy. I also believe it’s important for the Magistracy to be reflective of society, as a young man of colour and being a devout Muslim in faith, I think that it is important that the judicial process has good representation.”

Jabeer also enjoys charity and voluntary work holding the position of trustee and committee member for a number of organisations as a consequence of his legal skills and knowledge.

Jabeer has recently been appointed as the President of the Northamptonshire Law Society (NLS), the first President of colour in its nearly 150-year history.  It is with this role, that Jabeer hopes to give back to current students. He said: “I want to see a more representative legal profession, as Presidents of the NLS, I hope to use my role to inspire more young legal professionals. I’ve spent my career opening the doors to the legal profession, now I want to use my influence to bring others to the table.

“I hope young people can see the career firsts I’ve achieved and believe they too can achieve it and if you work hard anything can be achieved”.