University’s key role in multi-million pound project to improve the way Europe transports goods

Date 27.04.2016

The University of Northampton is playing a key role in the development of a multi-million pound project which aims to revolutionise the transportation of goods across Europe.

Currently, the logistics sector across the continent is very fragmented, with little collaboration between the organisations involved.

Improving communication between all parties would unlock huge potential for pan-continental logistics to be much more efficient and sustainable.

A consortium including the University and international partners, aims to address the issue by launching the AOELIX project, which has just received €16.2m funding from the European Union.

AOELIX will establish a cloud-based collaborative logistics system which will allow each organisation involved in logistics – including shippers, transport companies, warehousing firms, retailers and customs – to access, exchange and use information.

The University’s Centre of Excellence Logistics and Supply (CELAS) research unit has received £600,000 to conduct research for the project.

Liam Fassam, pictured, Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management and project lead for the University, said: “Securing this European research bid cements the University’s credibility with CELSA being recognised as having critical skills needed to deliver innovative and cutting-edge research in the field of logistics and supply chain.

“The AOELIX digital business ecosystem will create visibility across the supply chain, enabling more sustainable and efficient transport of goods across Europe.”