University of Northampton ramps up its support for businesses during the pandemic

Date 25.09.2020

The University of Northampton is increasing its support for businesses and organisations to help them survive and thrive beyond the pandemic.

Organisations in Northamptonshire can now apply for a grant worth up to £5,000 to develop their business.

This is on top of the existing support which the University currently provides in the form of regular industry forums, business support webinars and its business adviser programme.

The Business Ideas & Innovation Grant (BIIG) enables organisations in the county to work with the institution’s academics and facilities, with the aim of developing new products, processes, services, gaining new insights or generating ideas to increase and sustain business growth.

Charlotte Patrick, Key Sector and Knowledge Transfer Manager at the University, said: “The University is committed to supporting the business community, and we’ve been guiding many organisations during these difficult times, with our industry forums, webinars and adviser programme.

“But, we are keen to provide even more support, which is why we are launching our BIIG initiative, which allows organisations to access up to £5,000 worth of support.

“Applications are welcomed from all businesses in Northamptonshire. You could be looking to improve productivity processes as a manufacturing or logistics company or perhaps enhance a technical function in your family owned business or manage waste created by your food manufacturing processes.

“We have a huge breadth of expertise here at the University, from lifts to footwear, tourism to apps, waste to polymers – and we want to use our knowledge to better businesses in the county.”

There’s a raft of expertise at the University in the following areas, which could be tapped into by businesses via the fund:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Ageing society
  • Dementia
  • Heritage
  • Special educational needs
  • Social enterprise
  • Laboratory space
  • Cyber security
  • Polymers & coatings
  • Supply chains
  • Entrepreneurship
  • China & emerging economics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • User-centred design
  • Management of wastes & resources
  • Lift technology
  • High performance engineering
  • Internet of Things
  • AI & robotics

The University is also home to four institutes:

  • Institute for Public Safety, Crime & Justice
  • Institute for Social Innovation and Impact
  • Institute of Logistics, Infrastructure, Supply and Transport
  • Institute of Creative Leather Technology

The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 9 October. Applicants will then be matched with the relevant academic, to progress the application to November’s judging process which decides who will receive support.

For more information, or if you require support outside of the areas of expertise above, please email