University of Northampton graduate set to launch online women’s magazine

Date 13.11.2015

Datsa Gaile, who graduated from Northampton Business School in 2011 with a BA in Business Management is set to launch her latest venture, For Any Woman on Monday 15 July.​

The online publication is a magazine which will focus on the concerns and issues of women in the 21st century. The magazine plans to highlight provocative, real life stories of women living in the UK and from around the world. Not only will the magazine cover mundane issues, it will also delve into the subtly avoided topic of women’s sexuality.

Latvian-born Datsa is no stranger to the media. She launched Anglo Baltic News, a successful media company which provides daily news for the Latvian community, while still studying at the University of Northampton.

Datsa is really looking forward to the imminent magazine launch, commenting: “I am very excited because this is something I have always wanted to do, to promote positive stories, real women and their life experiences. As I have got four years’ experience within a small media company I felt I could create an international project that I would really like working on.”

For Any Woman will feature diverse and successful stories from women, discussing their family, lives and careers. Many will be given the chance to be featured as runway models, hopefully breaking away from the stereotypical looks of current models.

Datsa continued:  “What could be better than writing about women’s beauty, health and well-being, uniqueness and to promote that every woman can be beautiful? I will start with a small magazine because that is what I have always done; I like to see how the project grows and develops.”

Datsa also provides international business support and mentoring. Earlier this year she received an award from embassy of Latvia in London in recognition of her active and selfless work in strengthening Latvian foreign economic relations, and the promotion of bilateral relations between the countries.

For further information, visit the magazine Facebook page or website (under construction – launches 15 July) . For Any Woman is also looking for volunteer writers, proof readers, bloggers and photographers. For more information contact Datsa at