University lecturer collaborates on a Mod exhibition with the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

Date 13.11.2015

A senior lecturer from the University of Northampton has been collaborating with the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery on its current Mod exhibition, which covers the history, music and style of the movement.

Dr Nathan Wiseman-Trowse, Senior Lecturer in Popular Music within the University’s School of The Arts, researched and authored the textual narrative that accompanies the clothes, scooters, fanzines and other artefacts in the exhibition. It is one of the most enduring sub-cultures of the 20th Century and one which continues to influence music and fashion worldwide.

The narrative tells the story, not only of the Mod movement nationally, but also of Northampton’s own scenesters and faces. One of the University’s BA Media Production graduates, Richard Johnson, contributed to the exhibition by putting together filmed interviews of Northampton Mods past and present, including current BA Journalism/Popular Music student, Jimmy Bowman.

Dr Wiseman-Trowse commented: It’s been fascinating uncovering the sub-cultural history of Northampton. Mods are almost the archetypal British sub-culturalists and there is still a vibrant national scene that continues to evolve. The exhibition is a great opportunity, not only to tell that story, but to uncover Northampton’s role in that evolution. We hope that this will be just the start of a continuing set of exhibitions that focus on Northampton’s popular culture throughout the decades.”

Jimmy Bowman, commented: “Mod is something that is very close to my heart so I was thrilled to be asked to take part. I believe it is important for areas of British culture to be acknowledged in this way, especially mod culture, as it is still as relevant as ever and this can be seen in the exhibition, as contributors range from original mods right through to my generation. The exhibition looks great!”

The exhibition runs until 29 September at the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery on Guildhall Road.

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