University hosts DSA Assistive Technology Roadshow

News Page 12th November 2015

Students with a disability, medical condition, mental health difficulty, or specific learning difference like dyslexia are entitled to extra support.

The road show was run in collaboration with a Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) ‘one stop shop’ supplier who supplied a Mobile Inclusivity Showroom, allowing students to see and try the software and equipment they could receive through DSA funded support.

Emma Bulavs, Senior Assistive Technology Practitioner from Student Services said: “The purpose of these road shows is to raise awareness of the support services available to students with disabilities. There has been a significant drop in students seeking support this year, and we believe this is partly due to a lack of understanding about what is available and how to apply for it, so we are hoping to change that.  As well as explaining the options available to them and trying to answer any support or funding queries, we will be offering help with the application process which can be confusing.

“After the campus-based road shows we plan to visit schools and colleges in the area so that prospective students know what support is available to them if they choose to study at The University of Northampton.”

Sam Smith, BA Acting student said: “It’s really good that we have all these resources available to us, the extra help will make a real difference. I’m really glad that I stopped by today to find out more about how I can benefit. ”

To find out more about support available email:

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