Textiles for Fashion student becomes BFTA design competition finalist

Date 12.11.2015

Now in its ninth year, the BFTA competition encourages entrants to think about the different types of fur available and the type of Origin Assured™ fur that they plan to use in their collections.

Emma Parker is one of just 8 finalists chosen from hundreds of applicants across the UK. She will now attend a workshop in London in March, the purpose of which is to educate the students about fur and how it can be used.

Following the workshop, the eight finalists will be required to develop their design ideas further for the competition final.

Finalist Emma Parker commented: “I am delighted to be a finalist for the BFTA design competition. It is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to attend the next stage in March.”

The competition forms just part of Emma’s work studying Textiles for Fashion. Her work has developed over her course, and she has used many mediums to express herself.

As my course progressed I began to use a lot of leather, which led to my experimentation with sheepskin and hair on hide. It was a whole new world to me as I started to realise what was possible in terms of textiles as a whole and not just limiting myself to print. I have always had an interest in fur, hence why I chose to write my dissertation on it; I am exploring the ethics involved in the fur industry. I have learnt a huge amount about the industry and that things are not always black and white, there are many grey areas to both explore and consider. Through my research in both my final major project and my dissertation I met Professor Basil Kardasis, who has taught me invaluable lessons in the history and traditions of the fur industry and the huge amount of respect that comes in the handling and treatment of fur.

Emma Parker, BFTA design competition finalist

Winners of the BFTA design competition will be announced in April, and the winners will have their garment manufactured as part of the prize. The winning garments will then be put forward to the International Fur Trade Federation’s (IFTF) design competition, organised by IFTF in Milan.