Students and staff star in cultural snapshot of Northampton

News Page 5th June 2017

A cinematic snapshot of Northampton’s creative scene features students and staff from the University of Northampton.

Celebration Club, by artist Filip Markiewicz, captures the sights and sounds of the town’s creative scene over one weekend, during these times of seismic political change.

Filip is an exhibiting artist at NN Contemporary art gallery in Northampton, which co-commissioned the film.

Popular Music students Nicole Drury, Joshua Cuthbert, Jenny Beckwith, Nathan Craggs and Renu Shoor all appear in the film, along with the University’s Senior Lecturer in Popular Music, Jasmine Shadrack, frontwoman of black metal band Denigrata, and Roy Wallace, Senior Lecturer in Media Production. Denigrata guitarist Jordan Cameron and bassist Sean Rawley, who are both University graduates, also feature in the film.

Watch the film and find out more below.

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