Science for the price of a coffee with new research café

Date 11.10.2019

The latest scientific research will be placed under the microscope for Northamptonians when a new discussion café starts later this month – all for the price of a coffee.

Organised by members of the University of Northampton’s Centre for Health Sciences and Services, the internationally renowned Café Scientifique will debut in the town on 31 October, from 5:30 – 7:30pm at the Dapper Sandwich Company on Wellingborough Road.

The café is an open public event where the latest thinking in scientific or healthcare research is shared with anyone who wishes to drop-in.

The main talk is led by noted experts in their field followed by the chance for people to ask questions and debate with them.

Kicking things off will be Dr Hilda Hayo, Chief Executive of Dementia UK talking about The Dementia Challenge.

The number of people with a diagnosis of dementia in the UK is increasing. There are over 850,000 people diagnosed with dementia. In Northamptonshire alone, it is expected that 12,000 people will be living with a diagnosis of dementia by 2025.

Hilda’s talk will focus on what the implications of this rise are and why the audience need to get informed about this pressing health and social care issue.

Mary O’Malley is part of the University’s Centre for Health Sciences and Services and was the driving force behind setting up Northampton’s first Café Scientifique.

She talks about why dementia was picked as the topic for the first cafe: “There are so many areas of research that are worthy of public discussion that it was very difficult to select one for the inaugural café.

“But dementia related studies, partnerships and innovation are a key aspect of research at the University of Northampton and, with the number of people who have a diagnosis of dementia expected to increase, we felt it was a wise first choice for the café.

“We have plans to hold a café every season and are already lining up other illuminating talks about other areas of science, so we hope the town gets behind us and come along to this first event.”

The first of these cafés in the UK were held in Leeds in 1998. From there, cafes gradually spread across the country and they can now be found all across the globe. Currently, there are around seventy in the UK.

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