Friday 24 June 2016

EU and UK flags

Following the announcement on Friday 24 June that the UK will be withdrawing from the European Union, the University of Northampton’s Vice Chancellor, Nick Petford, has spoken of the “significant challenges” ahead.

Professor Petford, who last week signed an open letter from UK university leaders urging voters to choose ‘remain’, commented: “Although this is not the outcome the sector had hoped for, we must ensure that we prepare for the new environment that will follow our exit from the European Union.”

The UK will begin the process of exiting the European Union within the next few months, but our withdrawal from the EU will take at least two years. Barring unilateral action from the UK Government, the University of Northampton has been advised that the vote to leave the European Union does not mean there will be any immediate material change to the immigration status of current and prospective EU students and staff.

Professor Petford explained: “We will continue our excellent relationships with our European partners to ensure opportunities in Europe will still be possible, in the same way that it is already possible with non-EU countries.

“More than 1,000 international students from over 100 countries around the globe come to the University of Northampton each year. We have always believed that learning alongside peers from other countries and cultures is of tremendous benefit in developing us as individuals and as part of the global community. That belief remains, and as Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton, I can assure you I will be drawing on the expertise within the institution and working with colleagues across the sector to ensure the best possible outcome for future generations wishing to enter into Higher Education in the UK.”

A few points regarding specific issues are below.

  • Current EU students: Immigration status and associated fee status, as well as their access to the student loan book, have not changed as a result of the vote. This will remain the case until the Government decides otherwise.
  • EU students with a place to start in academic year 2016/17 and 2017/18:  Universities UK is liaising with the Home Office and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, but at this stage there is no reason to assume any change to their immigration status or access to student loan book.
  • EU students studying in the UK under the Erasmus+ programme/ UK students studying in the EU and elsewhere under the Erasmus+ programme: Their immigration status has not changed, and they will continue to be eligible for their Erasmus+ grant until at least as long as we remain a member of the EU, and could well be extended beyond this.
  • EU staff: Immigration status has not changed as a result of the vote. This will remain the case until the Government decides otherwise.
  • All staff currently undertaking EU funded projects: The UK’s status as a full participating member of the Horizon 2020 programme has not changed as a result of the referendum vote. Existing project grants and contracts will be honoured unless or until advised otherwise.

Any students who have questions or require support, please contact either student services or the international office.

Please visit the Universities UK website for further information about the impact of the EU Referendum for universities and students.

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