Monday 7 December 2015

NCSE report cover

Researchers from the School of Education are celebrating the publication of a major research report, marking the conclusion of a four year project conducted on behalf of The National Council for Special Education in the Republic of Ireland.

The research project (Project IRIS – Inclusive Research in Irish Schools) was led by Professor Richard Rose for The Centre for Education and Research at the University of Northampton, and involved partners from Trinity College, Dublin and the Institute for Child Education and Psychology Europe. This was the most significant longitudinal study of special educational needs provision and outcomes for children ever conducted in a European country.

The researchers concluded that Ireland has established strong policies and provision for children with special educational needs, though the quality of the support provided varies across the country. Many examples of innovative teaching which provide support for children were seen and the coordination of services across education and health was often good. However the researchers highlighted poor access to initial assessment and weaknesses in providing well differentiated teaching in some schools.

Richard Rose, who led the research, commented: “The professional approaches adopted by teachers and other school based professionals in Ireland was evident throughout the four years of the study. The significant amount of data that we generated and its analysis has already begun to shape developments for children with special educational needs within the country.”

A link to the NCSE Research Report can be found at on NCSE website. If you would like further information regarding this research, please contact

Picture: Project IRIS – Inclusive Research in Irish Schools. Authors: Richard Rose, Michael Shevlin, Eileen Winter and Paul O’Raw.

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