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Recycling fashion in just 10 days

News Page 27th October 2016

A selection of third year Fashion, Textile and Footwear students have put on a fantastic catwalk fashion show using sustainable materials.

The Sustainable Bootcamp Show challenged the 36 students by giving them just 10 days to design and make the pieces for a catwalk show on Wednesday 12 October. The clothes demonstrated how materials can be used again instead of being wasted and thrown away. The collections were a magnificent array of eclectic colours; proving that recycling materials may be the way forward.

One student, Elena Hristova, commented: “We were asked to look at the different resources that could be used in up-cycling, so mattress materials, curtains and bed linen that could be weaved, stitched or overprinted to create something new. We also looked at what could be made from biodegradable materials and how we could use different methods, such as exhaust dying, digital printing and natural dyes to produce sustainable fashion.

“The project was a very good learning curve as we were asked to respond quickly to a brief, which reflected exactly how it would be in the industry, and had to be prepared to act in a fast-paced environment. Throughout the research we did to explore sustainability, I got a better understanding of its importance in the fashion industry and will definitely take some ideas trough my final major project.”

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