Professor of Biodiversity to publish series of blog posts for Pollinator Awareness Week

Date 16.11.2015

July 13-19 2015 has been designated Pollinator Awareness Week (PAW) by Defra, and there are events and profile-raising activities going on all over the country. The week aims to bring attention to the essential needs of pollinators, and the simple actions that we can all take to help pollinators s​urvive and thrive.

To celebrate the week, the University of Northampton’s Professor of Biodiversity, Jeff Ollerton will be publishing a blog post every day to share details of the pollinators found in his own urban garden. Professor Ollerton explained: “My blogs will illustrate the diversity of pollinators that even a town garden can support. I will also be writing about their fascinating life histories, and the different ecological requirements that our gardens can provide.  For some of the pollinators I’ll even discuss the garden crops that they pollinate.”

Syrphid of lemon balm

​To read Professor Ollerton’s blogs, visit:​