New postgraduate programme first of its kind in the UK

News Page 13th November 2018

The University of Northampton is offering postgraduates a unique opportunity to examine the latest innovations in technology, such as Internet of Things (IoT).

The first of its name in the UK, MSc Strategic Technology Management is a part time and full time programme that examines emerging technologies within the realm of Information Systems, Logistics and Project Management.

Dr Amin Hosseinian-Far, Senior Lecturer in Business Systems & Operations and the programme leader said: “This master’s programme is unique by title in the UK. MSc Strategic Technology Management considers the evolving computationally efficient techniques that can assist decision makers to make more strategic and informed choices. The programme will develop your critical thinking skills about strategic approaches to technology management.”

The programme offers learners the opportunity to examine emerging concepts such as Digital Twin (DT) technologies and IoT – the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

DT technologies are being used to improve productivity, efficiency, availability and consequently quality of an asset or a service. In September 2017, Gartner Inc. listed digital twins among the top 10 strategic technologies.

Amin added: “This is an exciting opportunity for any postgraduate looking to learn more about such future innovations. Digital Twin technologies are revolutionary phenomena for developing an exact digital or cyber replica of a physical asset or a system. Within this module, the learners will have the opportunity to investigate DT as an emerging technology, IoT as an enabler and other related theories and practices.”

For more information on MSc Strategic Technology Management, you can visit the programme page.

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