New book published by Early Childhood Expert Dr Jane Murray

News Page 27th April 2017

Dr Jane Murray, Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education at the University of Northampton publishes a new book ‘Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education’ today (28 April).

‘Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education’ is essential reading for teachers, practitioners, students, parents and all those interested in how children construct knowledge. This book offers practical advice and suggestions to help adults identify and facilitate young children’s own constructions of knowledge and understanding in everyday activities at home and in their educational settings.

Dr Murray said: “The ways young children build knowledge and are supported to do so by their parents, carers and educators is the focal point of early childhood education. Yet many adults find it challenging to identify what knowledge young children are building and how they do so, making it difficult to support young children’s development and learning in the most effective ways.”

“This essential guide will help educators and students to identify, support and assess young children’s developing knowledge and understanding in early childhood settings, not only in terms of statutory requirements, but far beyond. It is also an invaluable resource for parents and carers looking for ways to nurture their children’s early learning at home.”

‘Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education’ draws on empirical research findings from the Young Children As Researchers (YCAR) project to reveal highly sophisticated ways that young children build knowledge and understanding in everyday situations and it provides clear guidance about what adults can do to help them. The book comes complete with handy photocopiable resources to help practitioners and other adults to recognise the knowledge and understanding the young children in their care are building.

You can access a free chapter of the book, which focuses on young children finding solutions here. This chapter explores ways young children construct knowledge by finding solutions in everyday activities at home and in their educational settings.

Dr Murray’s book is available to purchase from Routledge, Taylor and Francis.

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