Local stakeholders and community leaders shine a spotlight on ‘living well for longer’ at Healthy Active Ageing conference

Date 24.04.2024

Improving opportunities and support networks on offer to the county’s ageing population was the topic in question at a conference hosted at the University of Northampton (UON).

Titled ‘Healthy Active Ageing – Adding Life to Years’, the inter-disciplinary conference held last week (Tuesday 16 April) brought together subject experts, key stakeholders and community leaders from across the county to develop a shared purpose and a collaborative approach to improve healthier active ageing across Northamptonshire.

Seeking to prepare, plan and rethink how ageing is viewed and addressed in the future, close to 100 delegates were in attendance, representing local organisations and stakeholders including the University of Northampton, NHS East Midlands, West and North Northants Councils, Age UK Northamptonshire, Grand Union Housing Group, Action for Happiness, Trilogy Active, and local healthcare providers.

These leaders in physical activity and frailty from across Northamptonshire came together to explore one part of the county-wide Move Northamptonshire Framework 2023-2028. The framework brings together county partners – including UON – to work together to increase population physical activity and make healthy active lifestyles integral to all people’s lives.

Speaker talks into microphone in front if attendees.

The University of Northampton’s Professor of Biomechanics, Tony Kay, discussed his ongoing research around maximising the benefits of physical activity for the older generation, while West Northants Council’s Director of Public Health, Sally Burns offered a strategic view on an ageing population.

Also on the agenda was Sir Muir Gray, who offered insight from his vast experience in senior positions within the public health sector to outline ‘The Live Longer Better Revolution’, a call to action for creating additional opportunities within the county for individuals to be fit, well and independent.

Opening the conference was CEO of Northamptonshire Sport, Chris Holmes, who said: “With an increasing ageing population within our county, it is more important than ever to consider how key stakeholders and decision-makers can embed physical activity into the wider social network and nourish a strengthened relationship between local authorities to make a real change. This conference took a huge step towards making this a reality.”

The University of Northampton’s Associate Professor in Physical Activity & Health, Declan Ryan reflects: “Here at UON, we’re passionate about working in partnership with key local stakeholders and decision-makers to build a better and healthier community for our staff, students and wider community.

“The progress made as part of the Move Northamptonshire Framework 2023-2028 will have a beneficial and long-lasting effect on each and every person within the county throughout the coming years. It’s incredibly encouraging to see so much engagement and policy investment from the attendees, and we’re already looking ahead to continue building the roadmap for a healthier future for the people of Northamptonshire.”

Find out more about Move Northampton via the website.