Monday 7 December 2015

Leather students outside the ICLT building

German leather chemicals manufacturer Trumpler, and vegetable tannin company Forestal Mimosa, recently delivered a joint week long workshop for second year BSc students at the University of Northampton’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT).

This year, the chemical companies focussed on the processing of imported vegetable tanned leathers. Kevin Banning and Peter Atkinson joined the university lecturers and the new tannery manager David Sherwood, in helping the students to understand the complexities of traditional vegetable tanning and how these leathers can be used in creating modern and exciting fashion accessories.

Colombo and East Indian raw materials were the highlight for the students and they created stunning colours and added their own twist to leather goods-type leathers.

ICLT would like to particularly thank Harmatan Leather Limited and Blenkinsop Leathers Ltd who supplied the raw materials and to Trumpler who supplied students with tanning knives and gifts.

Pictured: Students, University staff and representatives from Trumpler and Forestal Mimosa.

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