Leather and footwear students to benefit from SATRA equipment

Date 5.05.2022

University of Northampton students aiming for a successful career in leather and footwear will benefit from a suite of equipment provided by a leading authority in the industries.

Independent research and testing organisation, SATRA, has provided the University’s Institute for Creative Leather Technology (ICLT) with a range of leather testing equipment.

Established in the UK in 1919, SATRA has technical facilities in Europe and China serving customers throughout the world. As well as testing products and components to European and international standards across a wide range of industry sectors, SATRA develops, manufactures and sells test equipment.

The equipment will be housed in ICLT’s SATRA Physical Testing Laboratory, while the organisation will also provide ongoing maintenance and calibration services.

This partnership allows ICLT to continue to deliver its world-renowned teaching and research activities in the creative leather space, providing students with the opportunity to learn about leather testing and familiarise themselves with SATRA’s internationally recognised suite of tests. Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to visit SATRA and discover more about the work it does providing testing and certification services to the footwear and leather industries.

Previously SATRA has provided sponsorship, along with other industrial partners, to create ICLT’s Amanda Michel Microscopy Laboratory.

SATRA executive director, Michael Bodsworth, said: “This exciting new agreement further cements the relationship SATRA has already with the ICLT and the University of Northampton. Providing a complete laboratory suite of new test equipment will provide students with access to the latest test equipment and methods that will aid their learning and provide great practical testing experience.

“This will ultimately benefit the students and the industry as the next generation of recruits will have a greater understanding and practical experience of testing, vital for quality assurance, research & development and compliance.”

University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Shãn Wareing, said: “We are delighted to deepen our relationship with SATRA for the benefit of our students, our research and for the future of leather at Northampton.”