It’s the finance, stupid! Nick Petford and Nick Allen contribute to HEPI publication

Date 11.11.2015

Today, 29 October, marks the launch of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) report It’s the finance, stupid! The decline of part-time Higher Education and what to do about it.

The collection of reports, from experts across Higher Education, explains the reduction in part-time student numbers across the sector and proposes a number of ways this is being tackled.

Vice Chancellor, Nick Petford and Executive Officer, Nick Allen contributed to the publication with the welcome news that at Northampton we are, in part, bucking this trend thanks to innovative thinking and financing options.

The chapter from the University of Northampton focuses on the delivery of part-time Master’s courses at the University, and how the development of niche markets in specialist areas of provision have helped us buck the downward trend. Other developments, such as innovations in delivery have proven attractive to employers who struggle to release staff over long periods of time, alongside exploration of ways to use our University Changemaker Credit Union to support student loans, reducing the financial constraints for students.

The chapter concludes that universities must adapt quickly to manage the pressures in the changing Higher Education landscape. The University of Northampton’s plans are set out in our new strategy ‘Transforming Lives, Inspiring Change’ – make sure you book on to a VC Roadshow to discover more about the strategy.

Thanks also go to Dr Helen Asquith and Andrew Reynolds from the Business Intelligence and Management Information Unit for their support with the provision of the data used within the report.

You can read the full publication online.